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Code Compliance Districts Map

Use the compliance districts button below to find the code compliance officer for your zone

Online Code Compliance Inquiry

This service enables citizens and inspectors to perform case inquires and view case-related data online, including the case status and next course of action related to a case.

Code Complaint Form

Use this form to make a code compliance report with the city.  These can be submitted anonymously if you choose.

Special Magistrate Hearings

Code Compliance Information

To schedule a Rental/Business License Use & Occupancy Inspection please contact 561.586.1782

To register a foreclosure or vacant property visit our vacant registry here. Any questions with respect to registration requirements, registration status, etc. should be directed to or 321-421-6639.

The Community Code Compliance Division ensures that properties within the City of Lake Worth Beach adhere to the City’s regulations relating to:

  • Zoning enforcement
  • Illegal objects on the right-of-ways (signs, pyramids, rocks, logs, etc.)
  • Overgrown vacant lots
  • Junk and trash
  • Livestock and/or fowl (roosters, chickens) on residential/commercial property
  • Illegally parked or stored commercial vehicles on residential property
  • Improperly stored boats and recreational vehicles on residential property
  • Major auto repairs on residential property
  • Improper swimming pool barriers
  • Unauthorized multi-family use in residential districts
  • Setback violations – sheds and other structures too close to the property line
  • Illegal flags, banners, streamers and signs
  • Illegal fences and hedges
  • Abandoned and/or junk vehicles on commercial/residential property
  • Unauthorized business in residential districts
  • Unlicensed Rental properties
  • No Certificate of Occupancy/Use
  • Construction Work without a permit
  • Unauthorized garage sales
  • Overflowing commercial dumpsters

Violators are provided time to correct issues and administrative hearings are schedule for those that are not corrected.

Code Compliance Officers are cross-trained to address multiple violations.  When life-safety issues are involved, officers work with officials from Palm Beach County Sheriff’s’s Office, Palm Beach County Fire Department, the building officials, and public works.

  • Any structural repairs, re-roofing and most plumbing and electrical work require a permit.
  • Any business located within the city limits requires a City and Palm Beach County Business Tax receipt (Occupational Licenses).
  • All properties that are used for commercial purposes or residential rentals must have a Use & Occupancy certificate as well as a current inspection.
  • A setback is a required between the property line and sheds, air conditioner units, RVs, boats, etc.
  • The City may clean/clear vacant lots after the required legal notification is made to the property owner.
  • The City may demolish unsafe residential buildings under the Standard Housing Code.